Monday, August 10, 2015

Advantage using Daptiv Templates

It allows you to include empty document forms, which must be completed and signed on project execution.

I want to share another Daptiv PPM feature - the usage of templates and management.
All of us who have managed projects, or simply structured an action plan, have looked back on previous experiences by searching our personal files, either from past work, previous projects, university assignments, etc., in order to not replicate the extensive work that sometimes means creating a plan or project from scratch.
What we usually do, is use a previous plan as a reference and template, and make some adjustments based on tasks names, tasks durations, and the date.
The use of Daptiv templates is highly flexible, that allows any Daptiv project to be potentially turned into a template.
Daptiv use a small wizard to generate templates, in which we can save.
  • Tasks
  • People
  • Folder Structure
  • Documents
  • Risks
  • Issues
  • Dynamic applications, etc.
They are very useful because the PMO project management methodology can be contained in it, saving time, and used as a project managers guide for not omitting checkpoints, or what documents needed to be filled.

A Peruvian banker shared with me his great experience in the use of templates, and how this Daptiv feature improved Ripley's IT department's adherence to the project management method.
The Ripley IT-PMO Manager (Lima, Peru), Wilfredo Espinoza Guillen, who’s also mastered the use of PMI methodology, and PRINCE-2, analyzed a couple of years ago, the cost benefit of using Daptiv PPM tool. Wilfredo is a pioneer and I’m pretty sure he is the first PMP to use and implement Daptiv in Peru.

Using his own words it "was very gratifying for me, the Daptiv templates use, it has allowed us to permeate the project management methodology adoption in all company areas, banking, retail, strategic planning, etc. . "

These words certainly gave me great satisfaction, because Daptiv replaced the use of their old PPM tool (a very expensive one). They finally decided to save a hundreds of thousands of dollars with this change, and the Ripley ROI analysis become very positive.

In 2014 I had to travel to Peru to work with Wilfredo, and in that time we only worked with the Ripley Bank development team (about 50 PM's mostly PMP certified). He was responsible for the continuation of the adoption of various project management methods for retail (Ripley is a big department store chain, based in Chile). Strategic Planning adopted Daptiv use this year 2015 for
initiatives recording and analysis of new business at Ripley Peru.

Daptiv templates give you a world of possibilities, no matter the PMI maturity level the company have. It's always be simple by copying a work plan, with proposed average times, and the required milestones on schedule. You may also want include people, such as PMO quality control staff, who monitor and measure project results, and other people that must be imminently integrated into each PMO administered project.

Also, it allows you to include empty document forms, which must be completed and signed on project execution. We can also integrate dynamic applications such as the results of software development test sets that must be published online. This mostly required for companies that are observed by entities such as Sarbanes Oxley, etc., or that must meet service quality certifications.
The way you can generate Daptiv templates is incredibly simple, as well the high impact of their use within organizations.

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