Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Embedded Business Intelligence, No Need To Wait, For Extract Functions, Each Transaction Is Reflected In The System Dashboards In Real-Time Are Valuable Features.

Embedded Business Intelligence, No Need To Wait, For Extract Functions, Each Transaction Is Reflected In The System Dashboards In Real-Time Are Valuable Features.

Valuable Features:

Embedded business intelligence, no need to wait, for extract functions, each transaction is reflected in the system dashboards in real-time are valuable features.

Improvements to My Organization:

I’m Netsuite implementer consultant, and has implemented in various organizations, I think the biggest benefit has been providing a serious powerful software to small and mid-size enterprises at a cost they can afford, improving their operations, that in the past where not integrated into single tool.

Room for Improvement:

Project collaboration through Dashboard Business management and Relations Management is easy to perform, it does need to be worked on as it is difficult for customers, suppliers, and internal users to use.

Use of Solution:

6 years

Deployment Issues:

Typically this kind of Netsuite Project issues in Mexico, is due not to the tools from where the information proceeds or where information goes. Almost always is about the information quality, I think small and mid-sized enterprises as well as consultants should pay special attention to this before deployment, to prevent Project not become a nightmare.

Stability Issues:


Scalability Issues:


Customer Service:

The service level with Netsuite is contract based, some customers who contract the services obtained very good results, but those who have contract basic service level have good results but, few days later.

Technical Support:

Technical support is a sensitive issue in Mexico, there are Netsuite partners across the country, but the lack of well-trained people is still a major unresolved issue, all technical knowledge in Mexico is concentrated in three partners throughout of the Country.

Previous Solutions:

I used to be a traditional computing ERP (Prodstar-2, X3, X5, SAP R / 3, JDEdwards) implementer, often bill very well… I am convinced that cloud computing is a trend that we will not be able to avoid, allows organizations dramatically reduce their operating costs, and make them more profitable. This is why I decided to become cloud integrator.

Initial Setup:

It is really the simplest ERP tool that I set up, I think in medium complexity, because you may know Netsuite well and understand requirements as well.

Implementation Team:

I worked with two partners in Mexico and have had partial share with two others, definitely all have different competitive advantages that should be assessed, there are complex combinations of price and capabilities of their team.


30% average

Cost and Licensing Advice:

Properly size number of users that will need in the medium term, this can generate savings in licensing, that Netsuite can respect for several years, prices vary depending on the type of organization, and implementation services, depends on experience and prestige of implementing Netsuite partner.

Other Solutions Considered:

We competed with many ERP solutions the main competitor is SAP BusinessOne, midrange ERP as MS Dynamix, the advantage in several projects was not spending on hardware nor specialized personnel.

Other Advice:

As a small and mid-size enterprises tool, usually in Mexico and Latin America Netsuite customers migrate from very small systems, and suddenly their operations become more complex, if data migration and training issues are not well taken, implementation experience can turn into a very complex and time consuming problems; validate well your Netsuite Partner references of past projects, also check credentials of performing implementation personnel that will assist you.

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