Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Processes That Previously Took Hours To Complete (Such As Reviewing A Sales Order And Calculating Inventory Across Warehouses) Are Now Accomplished In Minutes.

Agriculture Industry, located in Monterrey Mexico. Applications Replaced: Custom-built legacy applications, Aspel, CONTPAQ, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel.
Customer Success:
Sugar producer Ingenios Santos has dramatically improved business visibility, control
and efficiency since migrating from disparate on-premise legacy applications.
Company has streamlined and automated core business processes including sales orders, procurement, multi-location inventory management, order management and
fulfilment, customer management and more in a single integrated solution.
Real-time visibility into sugar stock across all five mills enables Ingenios Santos to
optimise production processes and better meet customer demand.
Processes that previously took hours to complete (such as reviewing a sales order and calculating inventory across warehouses) are now accomplished in minutes.
Company has doubled its number of customers since going live on NetSuite.
NetSuite OneWorld global business solution provides management control over subsidiary sugars mills and enables multi-currency transactions in Mexican pesos, U.S. dollar and Euros.
Cloud-based solution provided business continuity and eliminated risk of damage to
on-premise systems when a flood shut one mill for a month.
Rich customisability has enabled Ingenios Santos to easily tune NetSuite to meet
unique business demands.
Antiquated on-premise applications offered no standardisation across processes and
Ingenios Santos lacked visibility into inventory management and other core processes,
inhibiting visibility and forcing guesswork decisions.
Previous infrastructure could not scale to meet company growth objectives and consumed valuable time with tedious data re-entry.
Ingenios Santos selected NetSuite over SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and TOTVS as a solution offering better business functionality and ease customisation.
NetSoft, a Mexico-based NetSuite partner that has led more than 60 NetSuite
implementations, implemented the solution on time and on budget.
NetSuite cloud solution provides mobility and business continuity without the high IT
maintenance and troubleshooting costs of the previous on-premise system.
"NetSuite has given us a world-class solution with minimal initial investment. A cloud solution has many advantages over an on-premise solution, and there is not a better solution in the cloud than NetSuite." 
Ingenios Santos
Is Netsuite a Complete solution?
The asnwer is "Not Yet", unfortunately Netsuite not contemplate a robust WMS nor Complex Manufacturing production processes solution. Netsuite reported improvements will be made during 2016, So we must wait a bit more.

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